Burgundy as the Main Wedding Color and Breathtaking Florals: A Perfect Match

For couples looking for a color scheme that gives a pop of color as well as sophistication, burgundy is an excellent choice. Burgundy's deep and rich hue is perfect for fall and winter weddings but can also be incorporated into weddings in other seasons. As the main color for a wedding, burgundy goes well with a variety of hues, making it a versatile choice for couples looking for a unique and striking look for their big day. And what better way to complement burgundy than some breathtaking florals? In this blog post, we'll take a look at why burgundy and floral arrangements are the perfect match for any wedding.

Burgundy is a classic color that never goes out of style. Its deep and rich hue exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a popular choice for many brides and grooms. Burgundy can be combined with other colors such as gold, cream, and navy blue to create a unique and stunning color palette that will wow your guests. Whether you're planning a rustic-themed wedding or a modern and chic event, burgundy is a versatile color that can be adapted to suit any wedding style.

There are numerous ways to incorporate burgundy into your wedding decor. You could start by choosing burgundy as the main color in your florals, groomsmen ties or even a burgundy photo backdrop. Burgundy tablecloths or table runners, and renting burgundy sofas are another great way to add color to your reception. You could also consider adding burgundy details to your wedding invitations, such as floral motifs, burgundy envelopes, or accent ribbons. A burgundy wedding cake or dessert table could also be a unique and striking choice.

Flowers are a vital part of any wedding decor. Adding flowers with burgundy hues to your bouquet and centerpieces will create a striking contrast against whites, creams, and greens, making it a focal point of your decor. Some of the most popular blooms in shades of burgundy include dahlias, ranunculus, roses and carnations and many flowers come naturally in this deep color. Adding greenery in varying shades of green creates contrast and depth to the bouquets and centerpieces, adding even more visual interest. Burgundy and greenery arrangements are a visually appealing and noteworthy color palette.

When deciding on a florist for your wedding, look for someone experienced in design, has a style that aligns with your vision as well as having an expanded portfolio and design options available. Once you've chosen a florist, communicate your vision and expectations clearly, providing inspiration images. A good florist should be able to guide you and make suggestions on the best flowers for your vision, be conscious of your budgeting needs and add a unique touch to your color palette. Remember, communication and flexibility are essential in building a positive relationship with your florist.

When trying to find inspiration for your burgundy and floral arrangements, start looking at different sources such as Instagram, Pinterest, or specific wedding blogs. Some popular combinations include burgundy and blush flowers, as well as burgundy and cream blooms, adding accent colors to make it more colorful or a completely temperate color palette such as burgundy petals with special attention to the type of foliage chosen. You could also consider incorporating succulents arranged in a bouquet with burgundy and green to give it an unexpected flair for a winter, spring, summer or fall wedding.

Burgundy is a color that pairs well with any wedding style. Whether you're planning a traditional and classic wedding or something more modern and quirky. Burgundy flowers can add a rich depth to your wedding design, and choosing to incorporate burgundy into your color scheme guarantees a sophisticated and elegant event. We hope we have provided you with some inspiration and tips on how to incorporate burgundy into your wedding design and floral arrangements. Remember that there are numerous options to choose from, and the designs are only limited by imagination. Happy planning!