When you book Sanctuaire Atelier for your wedding or party, we allow you to use our accessories and decor - saving you money, time, and helping make our venue your one stop to creating a very unique event everyone will remember! Below visit our gallery of furniture, flowers, signs, serving dishes, serving boards, vases, types of candles, string lights, and decor.

(Some items have multiple quantities - just inquire and we can let you know sizes and measurements.)

Dimensions LxWxH of Large Tables

*If measurement was not spot on, it was rounded up.

Black Food Table: 97.5"x 43.5"x 36"

Farm Tables (quantity=8): 72"x 28"x 30.5"

Pub Table: 36"x 34"x 35"

Silver Table: 72"x 30"x 35.5"

Bar: 73.5"x 31.25"x 43.5"

Big Pine Table: 109.5"x 72.75"x 40"

Black Table used for Dessert: 96"x 31.5"x 37"

Small Black Table: 66"x 32"x 32"

Pine Benches (quantity=12): 74" Length

Wedding food set up at venue
Green vintage sofa
Red vintage chair
Floral Vintage Chair
Giant Mirror
Flower stand
Serving trays to keep food warm
Bar on wheels for wedding reception
farm tables and wooden benches

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